"The Official Voice of the Youth!"

An Education Matters Network Station

MEU (Music, Education, Uplift) Radio - Athens is here to entertain, inform and motivate the youth of Athens, GA. Our goal is to help free them from the stranglehold of poverty by pouring messages into the community that will ignite the light to a path of positive and prosperous living. 

Thank you for visiting our site! The Education Matters Media Network is working to help youth in Clarke Country go further! Take a look around, listen to our podcasts, and spread the word about us. Thank you!
Knowledge is power and MEU Radio Athens wants our listeners to be the most powerful people in the world.

Our programs and podcast are intended to expose listeners to information vital to the well-being of themselves and families.

Money (how to make it and keep it), healthy living, the ramifications of political decisions, tips for being happier and more fulfilled are just a few of the subjects we address.

Our musical selection not only makes you tap your feet and nod your head, but it also makes you think and absorb positive messages.

Yes, we play the mainstream media hits that focus on being sex objects, cursing, and self-destructive behavior. 

But, we also play a variety of Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Gospel, Chill, and Jazz tunes that plant the seeds of peace and hopefulness and help you find the freedom from self-destruction. 



Your word for the week is bilk, a verb meaning to get away without paying; to cheat someone out of what is due. An example is "There are lot of schemes during tax season that bilk people out of their tax returns."

The scholarship for the week is: The 2018 Operation Prevention Video Challenge. For more details go to https://www.operationprevention.com/video-challenge

If MEU Radio Athens doesn’t help lift more people out of a poverty state of mind then we have failed to fulfill our God given mission.

Those who control the messages that come into a community, control that community. For too long that tool has held folks back.

 MEU Radio Athens wants to empower its listeners. We want to see them reach their full potential, to have life and have it more abundantly – be it money, knowledge or peace of mind. 

Helping you to succeed!

Are you ready?